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Review – Rhythm Thief

14 September on Blogs, Reviews  

For a change, I thought it would be nice to post here a review of a game which surprised me. I want to talk about Rhythm Thief, a 3DS game which caught me completely by surprise.

When Nintendo announced the DS, president Satoru Iwata said the name was not only a reference to the dual screens, but also to a "Developer System", meaning that a low development cost platform with creative and new interactive tools was a dream come true for game producers. And he was right: the Nintendo DS proved itself a petri dish of experimentation, resulting in many varied and fun experiences – of which I highlight Professor Layton and Elite Beat Agents, a puzzle and a rhythm game both extremely fun and unique.

Sega took those two games and tossed them into the blender (borrowing a bit from Doctor Lautrec, a Layton clone from Konami, which added a story based on historical facts) and the result worked like a charm. Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure tells the story of a boy with a secret identity as a thief who investigates the disappearance of his father and ends caught up in the mystery of Napoleon Bonaparte’s missing coffin. The premise is tied into a narrative that seems very proud of its historical research, much like in the Konami game, with mechanics borrowed from Layton. But when the action starts, it is all based on rhythm mini games.

Rhythm Thief Works because of the variety of its mini games. It balances its story with short mini game intermissions which play with the various controls of the 3DS (touch screen, buttons and movement sensors). Some of these are fun, while others a bit frustrating… but since they are presented in small doses while the secrets of a stylized and charming Paris unfold, the game manages to keep an interesting pace and doesn’t test the player’s patience.

The result is a title that offers a good package of multiple rhythm mini games, without becoming repetitive like most rhythm only games. Those of you who enjoy mystery based on historical facts will also learn more about the French capital, even if just in a simple and superficial manner. The mash-up managed to avoid the risk of being too derivative thanks to its simple charm. Rhythm Thief is one of those perfect games to introduce the 3DS to your girlfriend or Family member who is weary of games.

Developer: Sega/Xeen
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS, iOS (Late 2012)
Players: 1-2

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