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Valve goes full Steam ahead into the Living Room

07 October on Blogs, Editorial

Valve has always been extrememly proactive with Steam, its digital distribution system – it appeared years before other competitors to sell games over the Internet, and continues to receive new features every year. The most recent additions happened in three […]


Always online… not always thinking of the consumer?

19 April on Blogs, Editorial

Chances are you saw Adam Orth’s Twitter escapades (I mean, the guy got his own meme). I know I am late to the party, but I thought I had something that not many people seem to have mentioned. So far […]


The future of the Console business: is a new Crash in sight?

25 February on Blogs, Editorial

I guess I like crying wolf. I swear I don’t mean to be alarmist, but this market has been making me more and more nervous for the last few years. We saw Social Games rise and fall in a flash, […]


PlayStation Meeting 2013: an amazing act of sleight of hand

21 February on Blogs, Editorial

Right after the launch of my book, I came back home eager to watch Sony’s conference. One thing I can say: I was very surprised to see something completely different from what I expected from Sony. I started genuinely excited, […]


One game to rule the year

17 February on Blogs, Editorial

2012 has come to an end and again we are flooded with an avalanche of Game of the Year award. I have already spoken about my distaste for excessive marketing spending, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that some […]


Mass Effect 3 and barking up the wrong tree

28 October on Blogs, Editorial

Disclaimer: I just started playing Mass Effect 3. Most of what I will say is based of stuff that I either read second-hand or saw in YouTube videos. As I play, if I feel the need to change something, I […]


Used games: the new industry boogeyman

28 October on Blogs, Editorial

Dennis Dyack, founder of Silicon Knights and creator of games like Eternal Darkness and Too Human – and also a very outspoken member of the industry – decided to give his two cents about the used videogame market. Despite losing […]


The biggest spender is not always the biggest winner

28 October on Blogs, Editorial

Just a few days after my previous post, I read this amazing article by Emily Rogers that seems to agree with a lot of my thoughts – though her research is miles above mine. Not that the concept is entirely […]


My thoughts on OUYA

28 October on Blogs, Editorial

I have been asked a lot lately about the OUYA. Just in case you haven’t heard, it’s one of the most recent Kickstarter sweethearts in the form of an open platform gaming “console”. The term should be used lightly, and […]


Shooting themselves in the foot – Hollywood-style

19 June on Blogs, Editorial

After receiving some pretty positive feedback about the Mass Effect 3 ending commentary (which I really should add a postscript to since I finished the game), I felt compelled to tackle another similar problem in the industry that has been […]