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Shooting themselves in the foot – Hollywood-style

19 June on Blogs, Editorial

After receiving some pretty positive feedback about the Mass Effect 3 ending commentary (which I really should add a postscript to since I finished the game), I felt compelled to tackle another similar problem in the industry that has been […]


Nintendo: we do things OUR way

24 August on Blogs, Editorial

I am so glad Chris Kohler addressed the feelings I had with all this talk of “Nintendo should go software-only, or at the very least invest in mobile games. This was sparked, by those who didn’t hear about it, by […]


The pricing lessons

11 August on Blogs, Editorial

So now Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that the 3DS price drop stems from a lesson learned from the GameCube. Huh… I find that slightly ironic, actually. Not because I think it’s a bad decision – on the contrary: I […]


Sun Tzu would be proud

13 May on Blogs

Nintendo is quite famous for its oriental-style wisdom. Be it in the meaning of its name or famous quotes like the “upturning of the tea table”, there is a zen beauty in the simplicity of their argument. And that’s why […]


Storytelling in games – should it be different?

07 July on Blogs, Editorial

My recent discussions about how videogames should handle narratives has been very fruitful lately, with a few interesting discoveries lately. One little exercise we proposed in the discussion group was to try and imagine something that could only be done […]


Building blocks

08 September on Blogs

Having recently come up with a game concept for a few developers to take a stab at a budget, I was again reminded of a few quirks of this industry. The first one being that the mere mention of “game […]


The future of narrative, one choice at a time

05 August on Blogs, Editorial

It’s not news that I believe storytelling has the potential to evolve through videogames – with games such as Mother 2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 rewriting rules as to how fiction can work in the 21st century – but […]


Making money on Indie Games (or how I learned NOT to do what I wanted)

04 August on Blogs

The siren’s call of Indie Videogame Development has been ringing loudly lately, with stars like Braid on everyone’s mind as a new viable commercial model… which in this age of App Stores and Live Arcades seem like the hot new […]


How videogaming graduated from geekiness into mainstream

30 July on Blogs, Editorial

I may have serious issues about the way Sony handles their gaming and its marketing operation, but I think I can say all gamers owe them one thing: being thankful for the respect they brought us. Some of you may […]


Indies to Indies

27 July on Blogs, Editorial

I find it kind of funny the current “indie game revival” we are going through right now. Of course, with games going for US$59.99 I don’t think that’s exactly a surprise, but the retro fad is also helping a lot […]