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Farewell, Mr. Iwata

13 July on Blogs

Satoru Iwata’s passing hit me hard. I had to write something, but couldn’t find it in me to do it yesterday – not only did I need to digest the news a bit, but I also wanted to finish some […]


Review: Divinity- Original Sin

07 July on Blogs, Reviews

As we see the first salvo of Kickstarted games come out, the crowdfunded model has become the target of renewed criticism – it’s not uncommon to speak of mismanaged development or underdelivered promises. So when developer Larian set out to […]


Review: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

30 October on Blogs, Reviews

It’s not everyday that we see lawyers shouting and pointing, mediums channeling victims and prosecutors with whips – but this kind of craziness is commonplace in the Ace Attorney world. The series, known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan, was made […]


Review: Grand Theft Auto V

10 October on Blogs, Reviews

Grand Theft Auto V is more than a game – the series has been booming in such a way that it went beyond its iconic status and into the territory of a cultural phenomenon. The very fact it is referred […]


Valve goes full Steam ahead into the Living Room

07 October on Blogs, Editorial

Valve has always been extrememly proactive with Steam, its digital distribution system – it appeared years before other competitors to sell games over the Internet, and continues to receive new features every year. The most recent additions happened in three […]


Review – The Last of Us

18 July on Blogs, Reviews

Naughty Dog has made history with Uncharted, it’s debut franchise for the PS3: the first title showcased the console’s enormous graphical and narrative potential, while its second outing refined the formula into one of the most fun and thrilling action […]


Review – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

14 May on Blogs, Reviews

Poor Luigi. The eternal second fiddle to his famous brother finally had his triumphant solo debut on the GameCube – probably due to Nintendo’s inability to finish Super Mario Sunshine as a launch title for the console. His adventure in […]


Always online… not always thinking of the consumer?

19 April on Blogs, Editorial

Chances are you saw Adam Orth’s Twitter escapades (I mean, the guy got his own meme). I know I am late to the party, but I thought I had something that not many people seem to have mentioned. So far […]


Review – God of War: Ascension

17 April on Blogs, Reviews

Sony has guaranteed its place in the pantheon of gods on the PlayStation 2 with the release of God of War: the beginning of a violent odyssey that broke ground with epic graphics and divine fun. The series took a […]


Review – Tomb Raider

14 April on Blogs, Reviews

“A survivor is born”, proclaims the daring slogan of the Tomb Raider reboot. Lara Croft is a record-holder in that category: after saturating players with yearly games, the Core team decided to “kill” her in the fourth installment, 1999’s The […]